Your roast now in capsules

Grow your business with new products

The capsule is the most recent evolution in coffee brewing methods. An exceptional capsule experience can expand your range and act as a gateway to your other product offerings.

The Australian market is increasing

With Australians consuming up to 3 million capsules daily*, the capsule has increasingly found itself in homes, workplaces, offices and cafés. The opportunity for growth exists for coffee roasters who meet the consumer demands in this expanding industry.

* Estimated market consumption, July 2016 

Our experience in coffee

The Maipac team has a wealth of knowledge with years of experience in many aspects of the coffee industry. We understand consumer trends and see where opportunities exist within the market.

Extend Your Brand

Get the very best out of your beans

We begin a methodical and measurable sampling process, ensuring your roasted beans are ground within the right cycles, optimising the capsule experience for the end consumer.

Hermetically sealed for freshness

Our Nespresso® compatible, airtight capsules enable a compact and cost-saving packaging solution.

Personalise and build your brand

We will work with you to ensure your coffee tastes great and your capsules look their very best. Capsule seals can be personalised with your own artwork and colour matched to your brand. We also provide packaging solutions.

From roast to retail


The Maipac team will focus on your target market and determine the best way to maximise capsule sales


We work with your roasting team to determine the appropriate coffee blend


An agreement is completed whilst blend sampling and formula is finalised


Packaging requirements are supplied for your design team, for retail or food service


The production process is scheduled, taking into account delivery of beans through to finished capsules


Once capsules have been packed, freight can be organised to customer, ready for distribution

Packaging Options

Box sizes

Retail boxes are available for 10, 12, 20, 50 and 100 capsules.  Bulk orders can be packed between 500-700 capsules per carton.

Capsule seals

Laser etching is available as well as spot colours (PMS) for the capsule seals.

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